hardware based Tester for motherboard slots: AGP, PCI, USB IDE

I am trying to find out if such a kit exists that would contain the various cards or connectors to be inserted into a motherboard sitting in a testbed situation, (i.e. on a table connected to power supply, but prior to installing in a case) and could provide some crude information like successful  throughput on the bus or potentially something more fancy with an LCD digital readout indicating the health of the various slots on the motherboard.

I have a motherboard that was sent to me due to an RMA situation that I received after I had already purchased a replacement and I would like to test it before I put it up for sale on EBAY.
{I just want to avoid a DOA situation since I don't necessarily trust the vendor to not just send the same board back to me.}

I did some googling but kept getting returns from pages that wanted to sell me a new motherboard or a PS supply tester (which I already own.)
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nobusbiljart fanCommented:
Try these

PHD :      http://www.uxd.com/phdpci2.shtml

Toolkits :     http://www.uxd.com

Some of those kits are very expensive and don't tell you any more than a simple test with spare parts will.  Just keep a collection of old video and PCI cards around that you know work and try them in the motherboard.  I don't know of any tester that will do a quicker job than that, because after all, it it passes this kind of testing, it will work as it should.
mdwebneckAuthor Commented:
To Nobus,
As Callandor noted, some of these kits are terribly pricy, as this one was, definitely out of my price range,
but you did answer my question.
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
that was my goal, you did  not say anything about their price range.
i do not use them myself, i do as Callandor says, it only takes some time and place to get all the devices and parts together that you need
mdwebneckAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I was hoping (for a miracle) to find a tester for less than the price of a new motherboard, but since I don't test motherboards that often, I'll have to just trust ASUS not to burn me.
Anybody in the market for a motherboard that uses RDRAM?
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