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I want to hide my IP address while surfing. Most of the time it is no problem as I can use a proxy and I have done that. That works fine but when I connect to some Java based chat rooms they can see my IP address anyway. The reason is that the chat client is running on my machine so when the application asks for the address it will give it away no matter if I am using a proxy service or not.

Is there a way to hide my address even when using pages like that?

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    You Can try VPN ...Virtual Private Networking To Solve this Issue...It totally hide you...I will recommend you a website where you can get it it cost your few $$ But hide you totally from internet..

----------------------------If you Unable to Pay..Try To download GhostSurf 2005 Platinum Wich you can try for 30 days..but it has a lot of anonymity function..please check it ..

-----------------If you not interested in ghostsurf-------Try this methos
You should try socks v5 protocol..For this purpose download Sockscap software from vendor website below
After downloading it install sockscap and run it...modify it setting

Start SocksCap from the Program menu.
Select Setup from the File menu in SocksCap.
Socks Server:  The IP address of the proxy server running SOCKETS.
Socks Port:  The port the SOCKS Protocol is using (typically 1080).
Protocol:  Socks5
Name Resolution: Resolve all  names remotely.
Leave the default settings remaining fields.
Click OK to save the configuration.
For setup you need socksv5 or socksv4 servers and ports for this purpose you can get it from following website

Remmeber The server listed on such sites are free to ry so in setting you does not resquire user name and passwrod ...but if its ask you for user name or pass just go to settings again and then try another server from free proxy site mentioned above..
---------ok Now its final step..
              After modifying setting you now can sockisfy any progy in your system..from desktop just pick internet explorer and drag it to sockscap windows then it prompts u 2 to add internet explorer as new application add It and then run it from sockscap..here if site is opening correctly no error or delay..your setting are ok otherwise change socksv5 server from free socksv5 sites..
----Remeber Just drag any progy from desktop to sockscap windows to run it through sockscap..Or If you don't know how to drag try this

Click on New in the SocksCap main window to create an application profile.Name the profile as internet explorer or any other progy you want to run through socks..then browse it to programme file and find internet explorer folder then go to the folder and add internet eplorer.exe :)

Hope you can do it..It not much difficult but if u face any problem let me know :)
why? Are you pretending to be someone else?
hyynesAuthor Commented:
hey please i need the solution urgent. I can increase the points but only for solution.
Free Tool: Path Explorer

An intuitive utility to help find the CSS path to UI elements on a webpage. These paths are used frequently in a variety of front-end development and QA automation tasks.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Lot's of utilties out there.  This is one widely known example:


hyynesAuthor Commented:
Are you used this I think it i can not generate fake ip for chat hosts.

Any help
I have not used it but the name comes up inlots of similar posts at EE.  Here is a thread that lists many such programs and discussion of the problem.


hyynesAuthor Commented:
That's not a correct answer as you see it is forcely accepted answer.
hyynesAuthor Commented:
I clear once again that I want hide ip for chat host not for ordinary site.
I don't think that that is possible as there are more than one way to skin a cat.  Even if you are using a proxy, ISP knows you are on.

That might just be a good thing.

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