TDBLookupListBox & TDBLookupComboBox question

How to make a record active and currently selected for DBLookupComboBox and DBLookupListBox?

DBLookupComboBox1.ListSource := mDBTables_Module.ds_ItemCategory;
DBLookupComboBox1.KeyField   := 'CODE';
DBLookupComboBox1.ListField  := 'SHRTDESC';

DBLookupListBox2.ListSource := mDBTables_Module.ds_ItemEntry;
DBLookupListBox2.KeyField   := 'LONGDESC';
DBLookupListBox2.ListField  := 'LONGDESC';

Both do not have any datasource and datafield (because i use both for item selection only)

My problem now is how to make the first record selected (highlited with blue)?
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kretzschmarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
use the afteropen-event of your lookupdataset like
(dataset is in the desired order and not empty)

procedure TForm1.ADOTable1AfterOpen(DataSet: TDataSet);
  DBLookupComboBox1.KeyValue := DataSet.FieldByName(DBLookupComboBox1.KeyField).Value;

meikl ;-)
girlswants_meAuthor Commented:
girlswants_meAuthor Commented:
I'm using Delphi 7

When the form load automatically the first record in the table is selected (highlighted)
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not sure what you mean,
but try to set the property keyvalue to the value you need

meikl ;-)
girlswants_meAuthor Commented:
where can i find the keyvalue???
When the form load automatically the first record in the table is selected (highlighted) <---this is for the DBLookupListBox2
girlswants_meAuthor Commented:
The first time the form load, i want that my DBLookuplistbox2 should have the first record highlighted or selected.
girlswants_meAuthor Commented:
Meikl ;-) YOUR ARE GENIUS!!!! Thank you very much... I raised the points by 25

please see below for the solution.

 DBLookupComboBox1.KeyValue := mDBTables_Module.db_ItemCategory.FieldByName('CODE').Value;
 DBLookupListBox2.KeyValue := mDBTables_Module.db_ItemEntry.FieldByName('LONGDESC').Value;
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