What to use for load balancing/redundancy/firewall in this situation:

This is the closest topic area I could find to post this. I'm looking for something that will be the point of access for a group of machines like shown in this diagram:


You can see in the middle is a "firewall" named Firewall cypher. This will be the external connection for the 2 web servers at the bottom left (purple arrow+box). If one of those web servers go down, I will need the firewall hardware to only send the requests to the functioning web server, until it's available again. I will need it to do this and to act as a firewall and to load balance between the 2 web servers (i will have to take into account the fact that people will be "logged in" when connected to a web server).

Is there something that can do this without costing thousands?

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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
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