Storage Devices cant be accesed

Strange problem.  I am currently running windows XP pro SP1.  All of a sudden neither my DVD or My CDRW can access disks unless they had one in at start-up. Once the disk is removed the computer cannot recognize the disk. The same happens with my 3.5 floppy and my external zip drive, in those cases windows claims that the disk is not formated- I know that there is data in the zip disk.  

when I try to use Nero Burning I get this error message "Under Windows Nt4/2000 burn rights are required by nero to acces cd recorders and cd rom/dvd drives" but I have windows xp? I never had that problem before today.  

I am stumped with this... I have run adware a bunch of times and two separate virus softwares.    
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if it is a recent problem, a system restore can help you.
otherwise, delete the entries for the drives in device manager, and reboot.
you can also try running sfc /scannow from the dos box, if the above don't help
ArturoMarchandAuthor Commented:
I already tried that nobus... did not work. thanks though
what about safemode?  Also, you mention you have two separate antivirus utilities, which can cause strange issues.
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