Freeing up ram in XP SP2

OK the situation is this, i have a sony laptop, VGN-t160p it has 1 gig of ram, running windows xp professional sp2 i have relativvely a few programs that run on startup, i checked using msconfig, in any case whenever my computer all starts up it had by then only around 450 free megs of ram and i have only a few strat\up progrms running, i want to disable unnecessary services via services.msc and i woudl like to know which are the non eccencial ones. aldo if anyone has other tips for making the comp run faster and smoother and have more ram pls shar this with me as well. my start progs list list is:
1) sony vaio power menagment
2) hot key utility
3) wireless utility switcher
4) rundll32 btauthentication
5) Sony ISBmanager ??
6)Trend micro PCGuide
7) gcasserv microsoft antispyware
8) dk icon exectutive diskkeper
9) partseal sony recovery
10) anydvd
11) ctfmon
12) msnmsgr
13) wcescomm active sync
14) start killer this is a little soft to remove the starrt button i am using
15) stylexp
16) xursor xp
17) apoint.exe
18) objextdock

this is all and i can not imagine this taking half a gig of ram from the beginning. also using
tasklist /svc command i checked the srvices and i found out that i have like 6  svchost services and they take up a lot of ram since in one of them there are like 10 different thing are running.
in any case i need some advice on how to free up ram and speed up the computer and if i need to provide additianl info i need to know what.
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woodendudeCommented:      check out this site, it's full of tips. read through it all but you'll want "system performance pages 1,2" .
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
There used to be website but that is down for now however there is this one :
Its better to leave the services alone. Easier/safer way of eliminating services is to use      msconfig
click on the services tab, check the box that says hide all non microsoft  services. You can then disable those.
In the startup tab of msconfig, start disabling everything except for your anti virus software. If there are any programs that you NEED in the startup config then keep those as well. 550 megs  is alot of memory to be using on xp pro. You could load  windowsstraight into memory and still have more than 550 mb free.  Seems like a red flag to me, Have you downloaded microsoft's anti spyware tool and tried that?
ilyavgAuthor Commented:
I would like an answer form an expert please i have been waiting for a while now...

as for using antispyware i do, i have Microsoft antispyware and it  does auto scans every night
You HAVE recieved answers from 3 experts...just because they are not answers you may particularly like doesn't mean they aren't from experts or that they aren't valid points.

I second the recommendation to use msconfig.  This will make your life a lot easier.

Also take a look into hijack this:

Here is a tutorial on HijackThis

Plese post your hijackthis log file at this website to have it analyzed:

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