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Recently I tried some distros: ubuntu, knoppix, and xandros (all the latest versions).
xandros and knoppix can mount windows partitions easily, whether it is on the same hard disk or not. However, knoppix won't allow me to copy between partitions, even if  I have done everything to remove the read only via "change" and "attribute". What's the problem?

Ubuntu wise, I have to go to console to type some commands to create a folder for windows partition and change the fstab file. Yet this works only for the windows partition on the SAME hard disk not for the hard disk windows partition on secondary controller. How to mount the windows partition from a secondary controller in Ubuntu?
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That's a problem you will allways get when copying files from a filesystem which supports attributes the other filesystem doesn't. Copying will normally probably work, but you may get an error message. What I usually do when I move a file from one filesystem to another, is to pack the file or files into an archive. That way the files will retain their original attributes and you won't get error messages. This is often one of the reasons that programs for linux you can download are in one single, packed file like that. If you have a compatible unpacker on the windoze side you should still be able to use that file on that side.
If your Windows partitions are ntfs, they are only readable under linux. Knoppix thoough also includes captive-ntfs (I can't find this in the current version, but version 3.7 had it in the knoppix menu). With this you should be able to make an ntfs partition writable (You will need to mount the partition which has certain drivers on it, which captive ntfs needs.
I've also just checked the new knoppix version, you may have to download captive-ntfs as it doesn't seem to be on the CD (or not in the menu system as it used to be...).

What other controller is it in ubuntu? What are the current entries of fstab?
simalaAuthor Commented:
My PC has 2 mobile racks for harddisks. I set both as masters and connected them as primary master and secondary master. This makes transferring data between different hard disks (more than 2) easy. Now since I am trying to leave windows, I try to find a distro which allows me to "see" the secondary master hard disk in FAT32.

Since I am leaving windows, I am not fussy with ntfs.

Knoppix can (all those changing "read only" etc, don't worry, I already did them), but when copying to linux partition sometimes it can't which I can't explain why. Is that because of the files on that partition were created by other user? Let's say in NT, when the system is not alive, using mobile racks to see the NT file system from Linux, can a different user with no right in NT change the NT files?

Ubuntu (including its Gnoppix version) is much more difficult, even with command line coding, I can only see the primary master hd's FAT32. Not the secondary HD FAT32. So it is not as friendly as Knoppix. Even if the sec. master hd is in .xt3, Ubuntu can't see it. Or maybe you must include it while installing the OS. But with Xandros, it can see even if you insert the sec. master hd later.

Xandros is the best, it sees both the primary and secondari HDs FAT32 first time every time. However, there is one thing I don't like. It puts the Firestarter firewall which is free on the "shop" menu in Xandros Network offering you to buy. So you have to pay. I downloaded myself and installed from console, it wouldn't work. I believe this is part of the scenario of selling the firewall. And the Crossover Office is half-baked. It works for a few small programs like Star Downloader but not for big programs unless they have been troubleshooted. Even Office 97 won't work. Office 2000 yes it works (but I haven't heavily checked).

So if I stick with Xandros, there will be some freeware which I can't use and have to use the non-free ones regardless. Otherwise it won't work in Xandros. Thus limiting the freedom.

I contacted them, they said that previously included firewall not stable so they replaced it with a non-free version of their own.

About the fstab, I install and reinstall a lot, so at the moment I don't have a Ubuntu alive. But I give you a link of related article:

where you can see what inside fstab is. However, this is only "how to mount a windows partition" which is only on the same motherboard's primary controller hd NOT the one on sec. controller. It won't even appear in "fdisk -l".

This link is also helpful: 
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