Huge Downloading data through Internet

Hi experts,
  I am from India, and I have taken 256 Kbps Broad band connection with a limited data traffice of 1GB per month.  I am using this for last few months.  This month, from last 2 days onwards my data uploading and downloading increases dramatically from average 15 Mb per day to 85-90 Mb per day.

I have installed NORTON ANTIVIRUS 2005, Microsoft Antispyware, PestPatrol, Zone Alarm of Zone Labs etc., then also the same situation.  This huge data downloading is happening normally in the morning time from 10 to 2 PM, after that it is decreasing.  

Pls give a suitable solution ASAP, if it exceeds the limit, I need to pay a huge amount as penalty.


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Download Port Explorer from -
Install it and leave it running.  Go to the Settings menu and set "Window Logging" to 10,0000 or unlimited.
The log will show you EXACTLY what process and program; IP & country; has been causing your big increase in downloads.

Note this program is a demo and you can only use it for 30 days, or 50 times... which ever comes first.  You may just love this program so much that you decide to save up and buy it! :-)
There could be something starting on your computer w/o your knowledge.

Download Autoruns.exe from:

When you run it, it shows a bunch of things that start automatically. Open the "View" menu and select everything from "Show Appinit Dlls" to "Hide Microsoft Entries",then select Refresh and it will give you a new list of startups.

Examine the list carefully and un-check anything that looks suspicious.

Then exit Autoruns and reboot.

Run Autoruns again and see if the things you unchecked earlier are still unchecked.

If you are not sure, you can use "File -> Save as.." to save the list to a text file and cut and paste it here.

So what did you discover?  What has happened?
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