Setting limits on MS-Exchange-Outlook, but need your mind-spinnings on archiving solution

Hi all,

I'm having a little question for all of you that are a little familiar with MS Exchange, MS Outlook 2003, archiving and mail archiving plug-ins...

The situation is like this... Our company did a merge and I have double as much users and maildata as before the merge... I allready did an offline defrag and set deletion of mails and mailboxed to 0 days. Also told the users to have small mailboxes but it are all female users and they are not willing to accept my guidelines...

Key Features Software must/should level at:
- Set policies and rules to manage the archival and retrieval of e-mail messages.
- Search and classify the content of e-mail messages, including attachments.
- Minimize the e-mail archiving tool's impact on the e-mail server's performance.
- Break up MSG's to have a better index to search on ( for keywords etc... )
- Break up attachements to search for keywords in this attachements.
- The INDEX SEARCH file should have all mails ( archived or still residing on the server ) to keep searching easy
- Abbility to search the LAN for local pst's and archive them
- FREE since I do not have a budget for this :D

If any have some examples and expierience with this software please post back...


Oh and yes... I will grant the points to the best solution(s) for my Q.
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rikke_vpAuthor Commented:

forgot to say its Exchange 03...

Free huh?
Well I would explain the limits to the users again. Then explain that if the rules are not followed they will be terminated.
After the first one is terminated you will probably find that the others start to obey the rules.
Then take the money that was allocated for the fired employee and purchase some archiving software such as KVS-Vault.

PS- Don't award me any points as I did not provide a solution you really wanted.
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Have a look at

It's free for 30 day's :) and it isn't really expensive.
why don't you just set the mailbox size limits?  They have three different threshholds:

1. warn
2. prohibit send
3. prohibit send and receive

once they aren't able to send emails they are pretty much forced to clean up their mailboxes.  I like Exchange_Admin's solution as well.  Users should follow IT policies.  It is your job as the IT Manager to enforce the policies.  They have signed some sort of Acceptable Use Policy right?  If you have one it should clearly state what the reprocutions are for not following the policies (including disopline and/or termination from the company)
rikke_vpAuthor Commented:
Since no real software solutions are posted I would like to close this question and get a refund of my points. Indeed setting limits is a solution which I enabled some time ago. Now users are wining about this so I realy need to find another solution for archiving. The thing is that they never had to care about limits with their previous administrator. The store was big enough because they had half as much users like they do now after the merge. My old users seem to listen and keep their mailbox under 500meg but the new users(from the other company) are not realy willing to accept the new policy.

I'm giving them a month to clean out their mailbox. After that time all the other mails in their mailboxes will be archived with the program that is described below. When thats done I set limits/prohibit to send mail when they exceed the max amount of data in their mailbox...

For me it seems Lookout ( is the best solution to try. Thanks to all for you comments, its realy appreciated.

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