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mortgage calculator with GUI

how can i modify this code so that i can be within a graphical user interface, must have user input for amount of mortgage. and Allow the user to loop back and enter new data or quit.

//Version 1.1.1 find similar code
//Version 1.2.1 remove unneeded code from program
//Version 1.2.2 rename variables
//Version 1.3.1 explain how the code works in the notes
//Version 1.3.1 compile and enter extra notes

import java.lang.Math;               //Import math class to do the calculations
import java.text.DecimalFormat;     //Import decimal formatting class which will format the numbers

 class MortgageMulti2 { //Declare Class, which is also the filename
     public static void main(String[] arguments) {
          double interest = .0575;  //Interest rate in decimal format
          double amount = 200000;  // the principle amount borrowed
          double payments = 360;     //Term of loan in months, basically the unmber of payments made over 30 years
          double monthlyPymnt = (interest/12);     //Monthly interest rate = 5.75% multiplied by twelve

          //By typing 'prinln' i can show my name, my class namne, and the basic output required
          //which includes Principal amount, interest rate, and number of payments
          System.out.println("Name:         Daniel Gallant");
          System.out.println("Assignment:   Week 2 program");
          System.out.println("________________________ \n");
          //this tells the program to skip a line
          System.out.println("Principle       : $" + amount);
          //this reads the principle amount and then displays it
          System.out.println("Interest Rate   : " + interest * 100 + "%");
          //this calculates the interest rate and puts it in percentage form
          System.out.println("# of Payments   : " + payments);
          //theis read the payments variable and displays the number of payments

          /*This is the original mortgae paymetn formaula which is used to finance the loan itself :
          Payments * interest / ( 1 - (1 + interest)^ -number of payments )*/

          double payment = (amount * monthlyPymnt) /  (1- Math.pow((1 + monthlyPymnt), -payments));
          //this defines the decimal format used in the interest rate, principle, and the monthly payments
          DecimalFormat myVar = new DecimalFormat("$###,##0.00");
          String myoutput = myVar.format(payments);
          System.out.println("Monthly Payment : " + myoutput + "\n");
          // this reads and displays 'monthly payment" and the value of the variable monthly payment after it's calculated
//program originally written by 'Tom Pitts' he can linked to http://www.experts-exchange.com/M_3436866.html
//program code retrieved on april 10th, 2005 at http://www.experts-exchange.com/Programming/Programming_Languages/Java/Q_21197647.html
// final editing done with help of Sudhakar Koundinya 9-14-2004 at http://www.experts-exchange.com/M_372322.html
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1 Solution

I think that you need to delete this question as it is the same as previous one unless you need additional explanation or answer. My question is do you have additional question? Or do you need more information? Since you gave me a grade of C in the previous post, I assume that you are not fully satisfied on what you want.


I do really think that you should refund your point for this question instead of awarding the point to me


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