Skype connection keeps dropping

Both my daughter and I installed Skye on our notebooks. We are able to call one another but the call drops within 1 minute. I think the problem is at her end as I keep seeing the Skpe window pop up saying that she"has just signed in". She does not get that message about me. Bother computers are connected to the internet wirelessly via broadband modems and routers. We think that her computer is constantly breaking her internet connection momentarily which terminates the call. She changed the XP polling to off but that made no difference.
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KerryGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thats kind of a problem, many many wireless routers will do that especially as they age. VoIP and wireless is rarely a good combo. She needs to make sure she has the latest wireless card drivers on her machine and try it at other locations to rule out that it is her machine with the problem.
Obviously the connection is breaking its just figuring out why. Have you made sure you are using the latest firmware on both routers?
antiphosAuthor Commented:
She is just a tenant using the landlady's router and she knows nothing about it. She shows a break on her computer. The wireless connection goes grey temporarily and when she displays the connection, the message changes. It goes from "Status: Connected" to "Status: Acquiring network address".
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