Linksys WAG54G intermittent internet connection

Hi, I have had a Linksys WAG54G for about 5 months now, after recently fixing a constantly cutting out wireless connection I now have a intermittent internet connection. I had previously the 1.03.0 BETA firmware (for a couple of hours at least) thats when the problem of the faulty wireless connection was fixed but the internet connection then became faulty. I have since down-graded firmware to 1.02.1 however this has not fixed the internet connection problem. If anyone has any ideas please help, I am on the verge of throwing the thing out the window!
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
Hi Jamestech,

I'd throw the thing out the window... want to see the world's longest forum thread on the "issues" of the WAG54G firmware?

The thread started almost a year ago and nobody has figured out any resolution.  

Although this guy seemed to think lowering the MTU to 1300 would do the trick:,10534277?hilite=wag54g+problems

Only thing is that will slow down your Internet connection... seems like the wrong thing to do to me.

Good Luck!

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