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I'm trying to access a shared folder on a 2003 Server from a 2003 Server the folder is shared etc... I'm logged in as the administrator but when I explore the network and find the server and click on it to see the shared folder I'm asked to login, and every login name I use "no go". why can I access the shared folder from one 2003 server but not the other and both are logged into the domain?
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>>?I'm logged in as the administrator <<
local or domain admin?

If local, the reason is because the passwords are synced.

Example - using Administrator on 3 servers:

Login locally to Server1 with password turtle
Login remotely to Server2 with password turtle will occur because Administrator is set on Server2 with a password of turtle.
Login remotely to Server3 will prompt for a password, because the local Administrator password is frenchfry.
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