durations (days) showing up as decimals

i'm creating a template from an old project file. when i created the template, it prompted me to delete all of the old information it contained. so, everything cleared out (costs, tracking dates, resources, etc.), but the durations in the entry view showed up as decimals (i.e. 21.9 days). is there a way to force project to show the duration as a whole or non-decimal number? thanks.
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Don't think there is ... if the duration is an exact number of days it doesn't show the decimals.  But if the duration is 2.9 or 2.95  days, that's what it shows.

You could add a text field to show the rounded days if you want: use the formula:

Format([Duration]/480,"0") & " day" & IIf([Duration]/480>1.5,"s","")

(this assumes 480 working minutes per day , ie 8 hours. Amend if your calendar is different)
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