Oracle 10g Form? disadvantages or advantages

We are considering to upgrade our client-server form application to Oracle 10g web.
Has anyone told me any disadvantages or advantages using oracle 10g form or Just use JSP is better off than Oracle form10g?

Does Oracle Form10g use sytle sheet? I doubt it?

Style sheet is only used for web language such as JSP, ASp or PHP, etc, isn't it?

What is the main difference using JSP and Oracle form running on the web in termi of advantages or disadvantage?
I know Oracle form must use oracle application server..
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bochgochConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To start with, there are a number of papers from Oracle on the subject:

Also see the Forms & Reports statement of direction:

...and couple of quotes from there will help the discussion:
'Allowing Forms and Reports applications to take full advantage of the application server
services and inter-operate with J2EE applications'
'Oracle recommends that Forms, Reports and Designer customers follow a similar path that it took
with its own E-Business Suite of applications: (i) Move to the Internet, (ii) Upgrade to the latest
versions of Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, and Oracle Designer; and (iii) Interoperate and coexist
these applications with new J2EE applications using Oracle’s Application Server.'

In short, you need to migrate from client-server to n-tier and now deploy your forms using Oracles Application Server Java/web technology -- this brings advantages such as strategic alignment, ease of deployment, enhanced functionality (both through changes to Forms and the ability to leverage other technologies) & continued support....
Oracle recommend, that as a Forms user, you continue with Forms, but begin to embrace the Java options that the Application Server (OC4J) brings to you -- see all those papers in the first link above.

So migrate your existing forms to 10g and look to employ Java development in tandem with Forms development in future projects.

In terms of customisation of Forms, as you suggest, Forms (still) does not support Style Sheets (CSS), however, there are more options styling options than previous versions:

>>What is the main difference using JSP and Oracle form running on the web in termi of advantages or disadvantage?

It's all Java running against the Application Server, the difference being that the Forms Java is 'generated' by the Forms application, so there are very few differences.
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