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linuxbios support for the Shuttle XPC SN41G2 V3?

I've got a Shuttle XPC system that is running extremely hot. The BIOS says the CPU is running at 77 degrees C even when it's doing nothing but viewing the bios. It also heats up my apartment faster than my main (much larger) computer does.

Perhaps underclocking the system would cool it down? The BIOS it has does not appear to have any underclocking options. I checked the shuttle site and I do appear to have the latest version of the BIOS from them, so I was wondering if there was another BIOS I could install which would allow me to underclock my system.

Does LinuxBIOS support my system? How about any other open bios? If not then is it possible to install a later version of the Award BIOS even if it doesn't come from Shuttle?

Shuttle XPC model: SN41G2 V3
   Means model name must be "SN41G2".
System ID:
BIOS Version:
  Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG

I think the CPU is an AMD Duron, but I'm not certain of that. It might be a different AMD processor.
1 Solution
If the CPU is overheating when idle probably a BIOS update won't fix the problem.

- check if you followed all the needed procedures when building the system
- is there enough thermal paste between CPU and heatsink
- is the heatsink mounted correctly
- check all fans, cables obstructing airflow, etc.
> I think the CPU is an AMD Duron
Well, AMD Duron has bad reputation for the heat generation.
Buy a small air-condition and directly cool it down if you want your shuttle box last longer.

Besides, you can check the "Power" option in BIOS to see if you can switch power-saving mode
if the CPU is idle. So less electric current pass through CPU while it idle for a while to cool it down.

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