Moving a database from one server to another one


I'm planning to move a database called ABC from server A to server B.
I'm using SQL Server 2000.
To achieve that I was thinking of performing the following steps:
1) take a full backup of database ABC on server A;
2) copy over the network the backup of ABC on to server B;
3) rebuild from the backup the database ABC on server B.
My question is. Whatelse do I have to do?
How can I also move loggins and all other objects associated with this database?
The database is used to store data for an application used by some users. Exactly, which others steps do I have to perform to make sure that the users will not have any problem when we database will be move to server B?
Which are the most common problems I may come accross and how solve them?

Thank you
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Eugene ZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if yo

review the article and links from the article
HOW TO: Move Databases Between Computers That Are Running SQL Server

HOW TO: Transfer Logins and Passwords Between Instances of SQL Server
Extra job to do :

1. Backup any DTS file you have made and stored on server A
2. Backup any scheduled jobs running on server A
3. Recreate security logins, roles, linked server information on server B
When you restore your database - sometimes your logins are not recognised depending on what service pack was installed on SQL server 2000.

If you have a linked server you will have to re configure.

You need to setup you applications to point to the server b rather that server ABC.

I dont see any other problem with restore.

If your users cannot login  run the following query

sp_change_users_login 'auto_fix', 'username'

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