Determining the audio format in a video file

Does anyone know a good way to figure out precisely what audio format is contained in a video file?  Because many times when I play a video file in windows media player, it doesn't say what audio codec is being used to play the audio, and I'd like to know.
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freeman118Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Ah, a nice tool that will tell you that sort of information is gspot:
Designed specifically for 4CC avi files (divx, xvid etc), but it will tell u about the codecs used, and those available on your system, for all types of video and audio files (mpeg and others, u may have to render the file first, at the bottom of the app is an option to render the file and get more info about it).

Hope that helps
Hi Crash,

You could also use the free DivX player ( Open your movie with it. Right-click anywhere in the movie frame and select Show Playback Properties. In the Properties dialog box, select the File Information tab for full info on audio and video codecs used, frame sizes, frame and audio rates and more.

Good Vibes!

Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Crash2100Author Commented:
That GSpot program is really neat.  I wish it supported finding the codecs used in MPEG-2 files.  But how it can still figure out what codec is used to render the file is impressive.

Thanks to everyone for all the help!
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