when i print in my printer 3650 hpdesk jet cannot print

when i print in my printer hp deskjet3650 cannot print and then i open start >>printers ans faxes and make double click into the hp deskjet 3600 series and it open the in the toolbar the status is printing but it doesnnot printing and in owner in toolbar he doesnot type my username it type system
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First, don't panic. Clear your mind and narrow down the possibility:

1. Is the printer connect locally to your pc or the printer is on network? (Means the printer connect to other pc) If it is network printer, check what is the paper size set in the printer server (is it A4? Letter?) and the paper size set in your printer setting should match the printer server. If it is local printer...

2. Make sure the printer is working first. Do like nobus said, run a self test. If it works, then your printer is working fine, we know it is some other problem. If fail, then you probably need to check what's the printer problem.

3. If you are sure the printer is working, try reinstall the printer driver (if you have the printer CD, uninstall the driver and run the setup again). After setup, try to print a test page. If ok, then somehow your printer driver was corrupted. If still fail...

4. Try change the printer cable and print the test page again. If works, that means the previous cable has problem. If still fail...

5. Check if the cartridge has ink or almost empty. Some printer won't let you print if they detect low level in the cartridge ink.

6. Lastly, you can try install that printer to other computer and test print. If works, then probably your pc has some problem (like virus, corrupted system files or something) that block you from using that printer successfully.

Good luck!
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
first, test if the printer is working by running  a self test; in most cases, it is done by holding one or 2 buttons during power-on. Check your manual for the right procedure.
check if the printer is online : has paper, no error lights, jams etc...
then, you can try another cable.
then you can try another printer to check if the connection from your PC is working
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