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discover database on oms

i am discovering nodes on oms (oracle 9i on windows).  Although successfully discovering nodes, it is not discovering the databases. Is there an additional step for this?
1 Solution
Follow the steps

1. oemctl stop  oms                           ->  Stop the Oracle Management Server
2. agentctl stop agent                        ->  Stop the Oracle Agent
3. lsnrctl stop                                    -> Stop the Listener
4. Configure your Listener Entry with GLOBAL_DBNAME = <<DB_NAME>>
5. lsnrctl start                                    -> Start the Listener
6. agentctl start agent                        -> Start the Oracle Agent
7. oemctl start  oms                           -> Start the Oracle Management Server
8. Now discover the Node by giving the host ( ip-address ).

This worked fine for me..


try this

Follow these steps to discover databases and other services from the OEM Console:

1. Ensure the GLOBAL_DBNAME parameter is set for all databases in your LISTENER.ORA file (optional). These names will be listed in the OEM Console. Please note that names entered are case sensitive. A portion of a listener.ora file:

   (SID_DESC =
      (GLOBAL_DBNAME = DB_name_for_OEM)
       (SID_NAME = ...

2. Start the Oracle Intelligent Agent on the machine you want to discover. See section "How does one start the Oracle Intelligent Agent?".

3. Start the OEM Console, navigate to menu "Navigator/ Discover Nodes". The OEM Discovery Wizard will guide you through the process of discovering your databases and other services.

In TNSNAMES.ORA insert a connection string for every Data Base.
Check with SQL*Plus if you can successfully connect to every DB.
After that start O E M.
Use the Add databases option - right click on Databases and choose Add Databases.
Choose radio button "... fron your tnsnames.ora...."
Choose the desired databases.
Thats all.
I think that all the previously mentioned might work but You need to put attention on the version mismatch ,if the version of Your OMS is greater than Your databases',say when  on dbs You must upgrade Your db's on windows,that anyway what I know.
Hope it really helps,Oleg

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