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i just got a job in a retail electronics store.

Now i want to know just like any other company i have to try and sell our own warranty.
what i want to know is what do i tell them about the 1 year manufacture which comes with most electronics. Obviously i have to say something like how long it will take for them to repair an item and how nothing is guarantied. what else can i say to convince them to buy our warranty.

about our warranty: covers everything bumper to bumper and repair is much faster than manufacturers.

1 Solution
no shipping costs is a plus, since you have to pay to have the item shipped to the manufacturer
Also includes a wait time of at least 1 month in most cases...Not to mention the burden of proof is on you as to when you purchased it....
Did your superiors not fill you in on what to tell the customers about your warranty? Don't know about your store but the large known electronic retailer I frequent has sold me many times on their if it needs repairs more then twice it's replaced. Also the fact that they take care of the repair process, shipping, etc... and a replacement is often offered. Also for large tv's they do in house(your home) repair.
I uueally say this.
 With a manufactors warranty you have to talk to someone that may not even know english. Also with the manufactors warranty, most of the time the unit has to be shipped in and with out of pocket from the customer, and waiting weeks to have the unit be returned and there is no Guarantee that the unit will be repaired correctly. So if you buy the stores warranty you then have a local place to bring the unit in, look me dead in the eye and we can come to a satifactory conclusion. We really do not make any money on this warranty. its just lets you know that we are here for you for in warranty and out of warranty items and my name is Keith if you have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to call me, even if you do not buy the warranty from the store. We value you as a customer and not just a serial number!  

This has landed me about a 85 percent sale Rate


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