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I have many mixed tapes.  These tapes are from my youth, music I can't find anywhere, recordings from friends overseas when telephone calls were expensive.  These tapes are valuable to me.  So I am willing to take the time to convert them to digital form for archives as well as have my music in itunes.

I am a complete novice when it comes to audio applications and really have no idea where to start.  I have a Powermac g5 2.5 with 1g ram.  I have almost 1tb of storage.  So space is not an issue.  Would I have to get a midi controller to plug a tape deck into it and them connect the midi into my mac so that any software that I use will be able to record the sound, granted of course that the application has the proper plug ins for the midi to work.  Am I way of base with my thinking here or is this the way?  What application(s) would I need?  Do I need a midi?  What is a good midi controller?  Am I missing something?

Please help me out.  Thank you in advance.
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wertykConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i'm not too familiar with mac software, but the best way i have found to convert tapes to digital files is to just connect a tape player's headphones jack to the microphone or input jack on your computer. then use any recording software to record it and it shouldnt be hard to find a free audio editing program that will clean up any background hiss/noise and convert it to whatever file format you want.
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