Bluetooth does not using Nokia PC Suite 6.5 for Nokia 6600

I am widcomm bluetooth dongle for bluetooth connection between laptop and Mobile 6600.  It was working fine till i was using Nokia older version (5.x) and now when I upgraded to Nokia 6.5 PC Suite Version, Bluetooth doesnt work for some reason, If we use "Get Connected" Wizard, it still showing Bluetooth as one of the option in the connection type and detecting the Nokia 6600 and show under device search.  but when opening Nokia 6.5, its still showing No devices connected...Please help me to solve this problem...
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whtrbt7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
1.  First you install the Nokia PC Suite.  Make sure that this is for your 6600.  
2.  Turn on the 6600 --> Go to Connectivity --> Go to Bluetooth --> Turn Bluetooth On --> Set Phone Visibility to Show to All --> Give the connection a name
3.  You are trying to use what is called an SPP (Serial Port Profile) Connection to the 6600 so open Bluetooth Setup Wizard on your WinXP computer.  (These Bluetooth steps may vary depending on software)
4.  Click on "I know the service I want to use and I want to find a Bluetooth device that provides that service" press Next.
5.  Click on "Bluetooth Serial Port" press next.
6.  Your PC will now be searching for your 6600.  If you named it, you will see the name that you named.  Click on it and press next.  Follow the next steps to complete pairing of your 6600 to your PC.
7.  You should now have the 6600 fully paired through a Serial Port on your PC.
8.  Start the Nokia PC Suite Program
9.  At this point the PC Suite should recognize the phone for management.  BTW, the version number should be 1.0.0

If you haven't downloaded the Nokie PC Suite for 6600 then you need to do so otherwise you won't be able to use the Nokia PC Suite.
When you open up Nokia PC Suite 6.5, you need to set the Serial Ports so it can communicate with your phone.  Also try to re-pair the phone to the PC Suite program since you may need to refresh the connection.
thirunaAuthor Commented:
Can you please show me in steps....I find it difficult to configure as i have already spent more than six hours yesterday but not succeeded...

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