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Is It Safe To Delete Files with .SCN Extensions within Shared Videos Folder

Hi Everyone:

        I noticed that each clip saved within Pinnacle Studio within the Shared Videos Folders also has corresponding files with .scn extensions.  I feel these files are simply taking up unnecessary space, but, I am unsure.  Therefore, I am curious if I can safely delete these files.

       Any thoughts on this post will be appreciated.

       Thank you
2 Solutions
I believe that they are files with snapshots that tell Pinnacle Studio where scenes begin and end. If the video clips are part of a project you are working on, then you should save the .scn files until you are done, otherwise it should be safe to delete them.
These files are containing all the "scene" information. You can specify for example to have many scenes created from many video or audio files in one single movie. Or in your case I Pinacle is splitting the captured video in many scenes. So you cannot delete the .SCN files with them because this stores the locators for your scenes. If you moving for example the video to another location you must copy both files.

Does this helps?
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone:

       Before I begin, I want to thank each expert for their input.  Each reply was given careful thought and consideration when addressing this post.  Given this information, here is what I concluded.   The .STU files of Pinnacle Studio 9.1 are just like a link, it works like this. When a projects is created and edited, it creates several links to the original captured files, so, when the original files get deleted, the program gives the option to try and edit the original files again.  Studio will ask for that movie files.

        Since the movie clips were already captured with the absence of editing, I figured it was safe to delete the corresponding .stu file without offsetting the playback of the original movie clip.  To my pleasant satisfaction, the playback of the originals was great!   Now, I figure it would not be safe to delete the .scn if the projects were being edited because the .scn files tells the program needed information about the scenes such as the starting and ending points, etc. which is substantiated by the feedback given by the experts on this post.

        In conclusion, I must confess I have a lot to learn and yet explore here.  Like any new learning process, it is certainly an adventure for which I look forward to further participation.



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