Crystal Report is not Opening


I have made a setup package of my Application and Installed in a pc where I have manually Installed .Net Frame work and MADC control exe  prior.

It working fine but when I am trying to open report prepared in Crystal report it causes an error and application is shut down

What I can do now ?
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NetworkArchitekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What error did you get? Did you include the "merge modules" for Crystal Reports in the setup package? That's what sounds like is the problem, if it works on your computer and doesn't on the other then this is what it is. Very easy fix, but it is very aggravating that we have to do this. =)   Anyway here is the link to the process, basically you need to add a few merge modules, register your crystal reports if you haven't already (don't worry, just fill out the thing and they will send you the code right away), and then in then you will enter the key in one of the merge modules and that is it. Hope this helps.

Just scroll down until you find the info for Windows Forms app. Remember if you are using ADO.NET (which it looks like you are) you will also need to add the extra merge modules that it lists for that.

Glad i could help

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