Creating password in Outlook Express

Is there any way to create a log in password to receive email for 3 users of Outlook Express?
I am the main one who log in to the Internet. I created 2 additional email addresses because I can get up to 5 email addresses. When I open Outlook Express, I receive email messages sent to the other 2 accounts too. How do I keep the other 2 accounts from coming in? There is no privacy if I read other messages.

Also in CuteFtp, I have to type in my password every time I log in to my web site. How do I set up the program to remember my password?


Any ideas?
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Outlook Express can be configured to have multiple identities, which can optionally be password protected.  This feature offers exactly the functionality you are trying to achieve.

Each identity has it's own email addresses, and each identity is essentially a user's own personal Outlook Express on one computer.

Here is a good guide for setting up identities:

In CuteFTP, you can set-up a connection for your site which will let you save all the details, including the log-in password.  An overview is here:
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