Is a WAP or Router best for wire free network and does it matter if the equipment isnt all same manufacturer?

I am looking at doing a wireless network at home with 3 pcs.

I did the same size network in the office using 3 * belkin PCI cards and a belkin WAP.

However, I have come across EDIMAX wireless network cards froma  reputable supplier of mine for about £12 each rather than about 25-30 for belkin.

Other thing is a cant get an edimax WAP but can I use a BELKIN WAP with edimax pci wireless cards?

So, are EDIMAX ok for a simple 3 pc network and is it ok to use hardware from different manuafacturers on the same wireless network?


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purplepomegraniteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Haven't heard of Edimax, but have used cheap wireless cards, and haven't really had any problems with them.  The most important thing in my book is a decent access point.  You can certainly use a Belkin WAP with other wireless cards, just ensure all equipment is classed 802.11g (or 802.11a) - so long as they are standards compliant they should work together.

In my book, Netgear WG602s (version 3) are the best cheap access points available at the moment (  I am unimpressed with Belkin, but this isn't to say they aren't any good.  The 602 offers everything you could need in a cheap AP though, including bridging in case you ever need to extend your network without wires.
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
Thats great I will use edimax pci cards, but might use a belkin wap as i already have one and it set-up so easy, i may consider the netgear though as i have been recommended their routers before.


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