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Sata Partition not recognized in windows installation & incorrect size

I'm trying to install a clean copy of win2k onto a (dynamic) 150GB partition of a 300GB SATA disk (the remaining 150GB used as a "Spanned" partition in conjunction with another SATA 300GB disk...)

When I proceed with win2k setup, it tells me that the two physical (SATA) disks have an "unrecognized or damaged" partition on them (I know they work), and it also displays them as 131GB only (although they're set withing windows to 150 and 450GB).

Initially, the same problem occoured within windows, but there was a registry patch by seagate to chage some disk access option to 48bit. Do I really need "Third party drivers", even though I can see my disks appear in setup? If I do, which ones exactly do I need?

Both HDs are Seagates' SATA ST3300831AS, and the my motherboard is the Chaintech SPT800.
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Thiis is a know problem with Win2K which wasn't fixed until SP1 (IIRC). Basically Win2K doesn't support disk sizes above 137.4GB. It's known as the LBA 48Bit issue. This site will give you more information - http://www.48bitlba.com/

Your best bet is to set up Win2K on a 100GB partition and then worry about the remaining disks once you have applied all the relevant service packs and hotfixes. Once you have sorted out the 48Bit LBA problem all the remaining disk space on that drive and all the disk space on the other drive become available to you and then you can slice and dice it to your heart's content.
mpaertAuthor Commented:

Does this mean that if my hard drives are partitioned as 120 (dynamic) and 480 (Spanned) over 2x 300GB drives, win2k setup will see the first partition as valid space?
Win2K will create the install partition as a BASIC drive. You can convert this to a Dynamic drive once everything is installed. I think you are limited with what you can do with a drive convert from Basic to Dynamic though. I think you can't expand the converted drive later.

Win2K will see that 120GB as a legitimate drive.

IS there a specific reason why you want to span the remaining space? If you lose one disk from the spanned drive you'll lose all the data in that spanned partition.

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