Noisy Fan on Motherboard


my friend recenlty built me a new PC, everything was going well but after a week i heard a very loud noise coming from the tower. this only happens when I turn the computer on, it lasts for about 15 seconds then stops, but im sure this time is now getting longer.

the fan is making all this noise, and its a Blue one thats attatched to the motherboard. i havent got the spec on me at the moment (i'm in work) but its a brand new one, compatible with my 3.0 Ghz pentium proccessor.

any ideas why its started making the noise nad how i can stop it!
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's probably the Northbridge chipset fan, and these usually get noisy because they spin at high speed and get slightly out of alignment.  You can replace it with an aftermarket fan, or disconnect the fan entirely and point a quieter case fan at, as I did.  The fan is not as critical as the cpu fan or video card fan.
Is this the heatsink fan for the processor? I'll assume so.

this is typical of newer systems on startup, the processor fan spins really hard to offset heat and then spins down when its not needed as much. The fan is usually load controlled. the more the load the louder/faster it spins. the less load...opposite ir true.

bluebirds1984Author Commented:
this fan isn't on the processor, its directly on the motherboard. is there  a way of gettin the fan back into alligment. all the parts are brand new and i dont want to replace them, i think it came with the motherboard.
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Sometimes, a flick with the finger will re-align the fan.  Other times, the position of the case will make a difference (upright or on its side).

In my experience this is usually bad bearings (the CPU fan on this computer does the same thing), and there is no fix other than to replace the fan.
I'd suggest replacing the fan. Tinkering it on your own might do more harm than good. Aftermarket fans usually perform better than the ones included on motherboards.
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