DHCP over a vpn

Does anyone know if I have 4 Networks connected using Vpn adsl routers, if the 4 servers within those seperate networks all being at least win2k Server with DHCP enabled will start dishing IP address out accross the Vpn's to the other Networks or am I safe from this sort of conflict as I am aware of what happens when more than 1 dhcp server can do on the same network.
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DHCP broadcasts will not traverse a VPN.  Such traffic is limited to the local subnet, so you will have absolutely no problem in this regard.
stevegw62Author Commented:
Thanks for that, I thgought as much as I have had these setup for some time with no problem, but  wasnt sure if there may of been a possible issue in the future.
just an FYI you will want diffrent subnets at each location so they  can see the diffrent networks as a diffrent location to route to.
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