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Major problems trying to open a project file

Hi, i am having problems trying to open a project. Whenever i attempt to open this project, Delphi hangs and the only way to exit the application is to terminate the task. I assume it is due to a component i am using, but im not sure how to fix it. I have installed/reinstalled and double checked all of the components installed.

I suspected it may have been due to using JVCL, as when i remove this component selection I can open the project but it complains about missing components. The trouble is the same projects opens without any problems on the other pc, the only differences i can see is a later version of Jedi, RTL2 patch and the new pc is running service pack two.

Please help, as i am not entirely sure what to do, other than copy/pasting the controls individually as text into a new unit. There must be an easier way?
2 Solutions

a) Holding shift down as you open the project, which stops it loading some of the desktop stuff...

b) Deleting the desktop file. (It's the .dsk in Builder, not sure if it's the same in Delphi?) which prevents it loading various forms etc.

These might help you find out which unit is causes the problems.

Might also be worth deleting the symbol file (.tlb?) in case it's corrupt.

You _can_ open Delphi with no project OK can't you?
seems like a package is what is causing this problem, in that case you can rebuild the packages if you have the source code, or check the jvcl site to see if they have some known bugs/fixed
ActiaAuthor Commented:
Hmm ok i had to do it the very long way, i removed the components from the dfm text file one by one. Finally after much tedium, i found out the component that caused the problem was for some moronic reason JvAnimatedImage. I disabled the "Enabled" property, and it opened 1st time!

Thanks for the help

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