Can I merge (cells) and align center (vertical and horizontal) headings in MSFlexGrid?

Could anybody show me how to merge several cells and align center headings horizontally or vertically in MSFlexGrid?


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TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
Hi sabas,

This shows how to achieve this in a very simple way, you just need a flexgrid with a few rows and columns:

Private Sub Form_Load()
    With MSFlexGrid1
        .MergeCells = flexMergeFree
        .FormatString = "|^Header 1|^Header 2|^Header 3|^Header 3|Header 4|^Header 5|^Header 6|^Header 7|^Header 8|^Header 9"
        .TextMatrix(1, 1) = "Hello"
        .TextMatrix(2, 1) = "Hello"
        .TextMatrix(1, 3) = "Goodbye"
        .TextMatrix(1, 4) = "Goodbye"
        .MergeCol(1) = True
        .MergeRow(1) = True
        .MergeRow(0) = True
    End With
End Sub

Tim Cottee
sabasAuthor Commented:
thanks, Tim Cottee
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