Labels Hidden behind Picture and Image

I know the first question from you all will be "Why on earth do you want to do such a thing".  Please refer to this question for the extended explanation.

The short explanation is that there is no way to set the background color or even a background graphic on an MS Tabbed Dialog Control.  The user of the VB6.0 app wants to "pretty up" the screen so I need to get some background on the panels of my Tabs.  I have done what is suggested in the answer to the above question, which is:

Another thing...
First place the PictureBox
Then Click the PictureBox to select it.
Now place a Imagebox of same size.
Set its Stretch property to True.
Now place any image on the Imagebox.
It will resize the image automatically

It works pretty well but all of my labels are now hidden.  I can get my text boxes and command buttons to appear on top of the picture/image but not the labels.  Is there any way to get the labels on top?

My fallback is to change all of the labels into textboxes but there are many of them and it would be a royal pain.  I am hoping there is another way.

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wraith821Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Put the labels in the picturebox and then do bring to front
Right click on the label and choose the option to bring to front.  and right click the image and choose the option send to back.

Some controls will overlap a label ie..frames , picturebox, textbox,etc.. I am not sure if the label goes over the image control however you can write text onto the picturebox transparently or as a color.

Private Sub Form_Click()
    Picture1.FontTransparent = True
    Picture1.FontSize = 12
    Picture1.ForeColor = vbBlack
    Picture1.Print "This text will be printed on a picturebox transparently"
End Sub
mlcktmguyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment.  My results:
Send to back is possible with the Picture, it makes the textboxes and command buttons show but not the labels.
Send to back is not possible with the image.

Sending the Labels to the Front does not resolve the issue.
mlcktmguyAuthor Commented:
You are correct, there are no shortcuts.  Labels must be placed in the picturebox.
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