dns forwarding: what is the advantage of a stub zone compared with conditional dns forwarding

i would say, when conditional forwarding is used, all the dns request for that zone will be forwarded to the correct dns servers list for that domain

seems that a stub zone is better to resolve dns requests
does anyone know why?

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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

It depends on what you're looking to achieve.

A direct forward (conditional forward) would be quicker than a full lookup as you bypass finding the nameservers from the TLD servers. So the main benefit in that regard would be speed.

One common use of stub zones is for handling multiple private domains, it avoids the requirement for a full slave copy of a zone or for forwarding all unresolved requests to another private server. So it can help to preserve your own servers autonomy (you're not dependant on another private server).

Of course you couldn't really add a stub zone for every zone used on the Internet - that's a job that's shared by all of the root and TLD servers - so the uses of the configuration are limited to what can be clearly defined.

Hope that helps a little - please let me know if I've misunderstood your question.

karel_jespersAuthor Commented:
remark: its about dns request to solve dns addresses in another domain
karel_jespersAuthor Commented:
tks chris

stubzones wil contain only
A copy of the SOA record for the zone.
Copies of NS records for all name servers authoritative for the zone.
Copies of A records for all name servers authoritative for the zone

May i assume  that a stubzone will do the same but the same as conditional forwarding
(the dnsserver will forward the request, not the client)
but the maintenance is done automatic
changes are copied automatically to that zone (of those 3 records)

tks karel
karel_jespersAuthor Commented:
forget above

just found this on the internet (helped me to understand you info)
tks a lot karel

The difference between stub zones and conditional forwarding is subtle but important: Stub zone servers must be able to transfer zones from your DNS servers, so if you put bigfirm.biz stub zones onto the coolstuff.com domain's DNS servers, you would compromise your DNS security to a certain degree. Conditional forwarding would tell the coolstuff.com DNS servers to perform only traditional queries of your DNS servers—a little less revealing. As you might guess, conditional forwarding for DNS servers doesn't work on Win2K.

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