Tips for File server migration from Novell 6 to windows 2003 server

We are preparing to migrate our file server from Novell 6 to windows 2003 server and  I need some tips on the most painless method for doing this.  We've tried a few tests and notice there is a BIG rights issue.  If anyone has any tips or link to easy to understand website it would be greatly appreciated.  We want it so when they login there is also a map to their home directory. We already have created a login script for that.  Thanks for the help!
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sirbountyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I wouldn't say "no issues".
My situation may be a bit different than yours.
How many servers are we talking?  If just one, I think it will be a snap for you.
One of my major issues (that I worked through with a cleverly developed script) was the duplication of the accounts from each of my NW servers.
It could be that we were in crunch time and didn't fully investigate the tool (I'm more inclined to believe that now).  Another gentleman was involved in the initial procedures with this.
But after it was run against a couple of servers, I found many accounts that were duplicated 'behind the scenes' only.
Therefore, I had to go into each account and delete the duplicates - you couldn't see the invalid ones from the display names.

Display Name: Jim  Account Name: Jim
Display Name: Jim  Account Name: Jim0

But we quickly learned to avoid using the bogus accounts, and double-check for the actual Account Name before processing anything.  This was a temporary server only, so it wasn't that big of a deal to me.

I wish you had posted this a few weeks ago though, up until then, I still had the script to clean these accounts up.  I will look for it, but feel fairly certain I trashed it.  Something I don't often do, but I spent A LOT of time working in this office (about 3.5 hours from home) and got very little compensation for it, so I just wanted to ditch everything afterwards...  Now I'm starting to regret it - LOL.

Bottom line - I'd say if you have the time, make sure that you really read through the instructions for this and even run it against a test environment first (we did) - it helps a lot.

Good luck!
We used a migration tool from Microsoft.
Although I won't say it was painless (though the Novell environment was between 5 & 6), it wasn't all that bad.
And if you only have one server, it should be a snap!
diglifeAuthor Commented:
Do you have a link to the actual tool itself?
Hmm - I thought I did...
I'm fairly certain it was a free tool...I'll see if I can dig it up...
diglifeAuthor Commented:
i found you've used this on novell 6.0 and had no issues?
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