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IP/domain questions

I have a Draytek Vigor 2600 Plus router, with multiple static IPs, I mapped the WAN IPs into local IPs without a problem.

Installed an NT4 server, I can access the home page using FQDN and ping the WAN IP on the same network without any problems.

If I tried to ping the DN or WAN IP from a different internet network, it will timed out, but strange enough I can type in the domain name, the home page will display.

The router has DoS, filters and firewall off, I cant figure out whats the cause of this, if the router is blocking external traffics, then I shouldnt be able to open the home page from a different broadband connection, if its not blocking, then I should be able to ping both the DN and IP.

Any one could help on where else I should look ?

Many thanks

ps. I installed OWA on the NT4 box and I can also access the ES55 from a different broadband connection, but cant seem to sent any emails from the NT4 server, comes back as can't route (sorry but not on the problem PCs right now). I suspect a DNS problem on this one, but could it also linked to the problems above ?
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Hello Robertdims,

1. Please confirm that you mean it is a Windows NT 4.0 server, not a Windows 2000 or Windows XP server.

2. Can you ping the LOCAL ADDRESS of the "NT" server from another machine on the local network (that is, another machine behind the router)? (I'm not asking about the WAN address, but the local address that it is mapped to.)

3. When you say "I can access the home page" do you mean that the NT server is running a web server (like IIS or APache)?  Or is it a different server on the local network that this "home page" is on?

I suggest that you use complete information instead of abbreviations like "ES55" - in other words write it out as "Exchange Server 5.5".  That will make your request easier for other people to understand, so they will be able to help you easier.

robertdimsAuthor Commented:
Hi Bill

Yes, NT4 Server SP6a

Yes, can ping server from local network PC using both WAN-IP, domain name and local IP

Yes NT4 running IIS4

Sorry for any abberviations.
Even though you've disabled some things in the router, it is possible that ping in particular is blocked.  It is not unusual for ping to be blocked even though a web site is available at the same address.  That is beacuse there is a form of hacker attack known as the "ping of death".
Hi LearnedOne,
I did not see your earlier message on June 13.
I would like the points since they are not being refunded and since I basically answered the question.

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