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Backup to Tape from NAS

I am looking at a NAS box to store a load of scanned invoices.  I want to take a backup of this data to something that we can easily take off site.  My immediate thought was a tape.  What is the most cost effective method of backing up the data on the NAS box?  Perhaps there are some NAS boxes that come with a built in tape drive?

We already have Veritas backup sat on a file server - can this software be used to run a backup to another drive (perhaps external connected to USB port on NAS box?)

The unit I am looking at at the moment is a Buffalo HD-H1.0TGL/R5 (http://www.buffalotech.co.uk/products/product-detail.php?productid=97).
3 Solutions
If the NAS box you have has a fibre port on the back then you can link up the tape drive (assuming it is a fibre enabled drive...if not you will need a fibre bridge) in arbitrated loop mode. This will allow you to set the NAS box as an NDMP backup host via the Veritas software and you can then stream backups straight from the NAS to tape (very fast). If it is a cheaper NAS model with no fibre connectivity then your best bet is to backup via the cifs fileshares by mounting the tape to the backup server and streaming over the LAN. Some windows based NAS devices might allow you to attach the tape directly via USB or external SCSI, but it's always best to check with the manufacturer, as such devices can have unforseen consiquences. Certainly the terrastore model you have asked about does allow external USB hard drives, not sure about tapes though (and this model certainly does not have fibre in it!!!)
Unfortunatly this model only has one RJ-45 connector so any LAN based backups will be over your production interface. This is probably why this box is so cheap compaired to other NAS.
The easiest way to use your existing backup system will be to backup over the network...preferably by using UNC paths instead of drive mappying.   If necessary, you can add a new tape drive to your existing backup server.   If network bandwidth is an issue, you can add additional network interfaces to the backup server.    

With the Buffalo devices, backup via the network shares is the *only* way you can do the backup with Veritas.   Only more sophisticated NAS devices will support NDMP (which basically allows you to use an FC network instead of the Ethernet network).  Some NAS devices do support their own tape devices...for example,
 but I suspect these cannot be controlled by Veritas, and I assume the goal is to manage all your backups in one place.

NDMP backup is nice but the NAS boxes supporting it cost more. Usually they give you a choice of direct connect SCSI or now it is more popular to have it Fibre connect.

There are a number of low end NAS boxes with plenty of storage space yet much more affordable. Especially if you do not already have a SAN it does not make sense to add one just for this.

It will be seen as a volume on the network and your current backup program can be used to put the data to tape.

That would be your most affordable option.

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