Outlook 2003 vs Outlook XP

Hi all,
Does anyone know why is it that in OL XP if you right click on Calender or Contact folder and go to properties it has Permissions tab in there.  This is not the case in OL  2003.  Where did the Permissions tab go in OL 2003?  
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Make sure you're in online mode first. In versions of Outlook before 2003 this was fairly obvious, but with cached mode it's a little more tricky because while in cached mode, Outlook might place you in offline mode without explicit action on your part. Look at the File menu and make sure the “Work Offline“ option is not checked

Go to Tools | Options | Other | Advanced Options | Add-In Manager and make sure the Exchange Extensions ones are checked
I can see it under my OL2k3.
Bring up the Calendar navigation thingie...
Under My Calendars, right-click 'your' calendar (I have multiple) and choose properties....viola!  Permissions tab...
bengoaAuthor Commented:
Hi There,

it is checked and i still do not have permissions tab.  if you'd like i can post a screen shot.

Do you have "simple file sharing" turned on?
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