How building a dynamic query in a postgresql-function?


I would like to know how I've to build and execute a dynamic sql query in a postgresql-function.

More details :

I've 3 parameters :
  * Customer Name
  * Customer First Name
  * Customer Account Number

some of those fields are filled in. The postgre-sql function receive the 3 parameters. In the function I want to create a select query with the filled-in values (not blank values).

I've noticed that the execute functions doesn't return any results.

Can you please send me a short example?

Thanks a lot!

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earth man2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In what context are you doing this -- the only rational context is pl/pgsql
I which case you would use an explicit cursor viz

OPEN curs1 FOR EXECUTE 'SELECT * FROM ' || quote_ident($1);

or implicit cursor viz

FOR record_or_row IN EXECUTE text_expression LOOP

davyberrohoAuthor Commented:
thanks, exactly what I needed.

works great !
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