Creating MX2004 V2 Components - How do I access the width property in code?

I have created a MX2004 component which works really well.  

As a final touch, i would like to use the W (width) and H(height) properties from the component box in my code.  

How can I reference these properties in code?

This is a little urgent so i've put the points up a bit.
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Is your component extending movieclip or UIObject?
mt600Author Commented:
it extends UIComponent
mt600Author Commented:

I believe I have spotted a glitch in v2 components.  Although I was using that coding, when i compiled my clip, the width variable then read as 0 (although in live preview and in my pre-compiled version, the width was read fine).  I'm not sure what I did, although i tidied a lot of code, but it's working now so thankyou.  

I needed someone to confirm it and an example so i knew i wasn't going mad.  Thanks again, just what the doctor ordered.
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