Inadvertantly created two workgroups for one network. Need a resolution.

I have a network of 6 computers.  On one of the computers, when creating the workgroup, a different workgroup got created than the others. In other words, I have one work group with all computers but one on it.  This computer has two workgroups on it and it is in it's own workgroup.  I need to somehow delete it's own workgroup and put it in the other.  Thanks.
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sirbountyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From the Computer Name tab...just follow the same procedure to place it back in the correct workgroup.
The browse list will update after a while...
What operating system?
You should be able to just repeat the steps to drop it in the appropriate workgroup...
don't be alarmed if you change it the the same workgroup as all the others and the incorrect workgroup still appears in some of the "network neighborhood" views  Sirbounty is correct though we need your OS to properly help you change the workgroup.
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gablin5Author Commented:
OS is Win XP Pro
For win98.  Right click on Network Neighborhood.  
Select Properties.  Workgroup is listed under the "Identification" tab.
There you'll be able to change it, it will require a reboot.

For Win2k/XP right click on "My Computer" select Properties.
Go to the tab "Computer Name" in XP and "Network Identification" in Win2k.

There you'll see a Properties button.(Win2k) or "change" button (WinXP)
Click that, and you'll be able to change the workgroup from there.
gablin5Author Commented:
Thanks so much for your comments....unfortunately, I'm out of the office until next Monday and won't be able to give it a try until then.  I'll update after I do.  Thanks again!!!
gablin5Author Commented:
I'm so sorry it took so long to close this out.  I thought I had already done so.  I fixed the problem the next time I came into the office with no problems.
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