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this is really pissing me off.  I just created a new address list, and the bish won't let me add a group by to it.  
I like to use the group by fields at the top and then sort ascend.

this is urgent as i'm about to toss this pos off the roof. :-)
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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi phileoca,

are you trying to put your addresses into a category ?  If you do that, then you can click on contacts , go to view > current view > by category and those addresses in that category would show up.

Is that what you are looking for ?

Can you film it for us on the way down? LOL
Seriously though - what's special about your address list?
And are you trying to modify the default view or create a new one.
Lastly - what version of OL?
phileocaAuthor Commented:

i didn't bring my dvr today, so no filming.

i don't care if i need to make a new view or modify, i just want it different.
i thought it would be easy since i just copied my address book and pasted a new one.

my brain hurts.
phileocaAuthor Commented:
sorry sirbounty, no video today.

although my access is driving me crazy if u want to shoot on over there.
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