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Copied Groupwise email to different drive - Now have "ItemOpen token failed error"

I am hoping this question has a favorable solution:

I copied a series of emails from my GroupWise account at work to a Flash Drive.  I then deleted the source emails (and emptied the trash) from GroupWise since I am planning to quit the company.  Unfortunately, when I went to open these emails, I get the error: "ItemOpen token failed"

I checked w/ our I.T. guy and he doesn't think they can be recovered.  Is there anyway I can view the content of the emails in another program, or when I copied them - did it just create a bunch of shortcuts?

I have done this before w/ Outlook - and it self contains the emails so I can reopen them.  I just assumed I could do the same in this case.

I am hoping there is some way to view content.

Thank you!
2 Solutions
How did you copy them?  Was it by drag 'n' drop?  What do the emails on your flash drive look like (size, extension, etc?)
Yes, of great importance is HOW you "copied" them. What EXACTLY did you do?

The proper method is to select the E-Mails and then export (click on File and select Save As...) - the E-Mail will be saved in a format compatible with the .DOC format (actually, its closer to .RTF).

You may have simply created "shortcuts", depending on what you did.

If the databases have not been compressed since you deleted the messages, then the IT guy can get back your E-Mail by performing a Recreate User Database in the Mailbox/Library Maintenance tool in ConsoleOne (or using the standalone GWCHECK.EXE tool). This will get back ALL of the E-Mail you've ever sent or received and that is still in the GroupWise message store. Kinda messy (everything is dumped into the Mailbox - no folders will exist in the Cabinet) but if you really want those E-Mails, that's one way to get them. Assuming, of course, that they have not been purged from the database.
We have some bad news for you GT.....

The Token failure indicates that you dragged these messages to your jump drive. GroupWise is different than Outlook with the GW message sub-system being secure abd the Outlook message sub-system being tied into the Windows Explorer. Dragging messages from GW to your desktop (or any folder) creates a link to the message in your inbox using the GroupWise token object API. As PsiCop pointed out, these links are no good without the message in your inbox.

Unless you archived (Right-click | Archive) the message, and have a copy of your archive, or saved the message as a .doc or .mlm, your messages are gone.

Sorry for the bad news.

gettechnicalAuthor Commented:

Thank you for the prompt response.  I did drag & drop them as I have w/ Outlook :(

I will split points between PsiCop for giving info for my IT guy and explaining the proper method to copy GW emails - and
Mojo for explaining in detail why drag & drop works for Outlook and not GroupWise (I like to know the whys).

gettechnicalAuthor Commented:
I hope I did the split points correctly - I meant to do PsiCop as accepted answer and Mojo as assisted.
(300 PsiCop/200 Mojo).  Please fix if needed

Thanks again!

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