Have program start at logon for everyone EXCEPT administrator?

I've got teller machines that should run a program everytime a teller logs in. The problem is it gets annoying when I logon as administrator. Is there a way to set it to run for everyone, except admin?
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robrandonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the program starts from the startup program files group, you can deny the account you are logging on with access to the file shortcut.  If it is the only startup item, you can hold down the control key as you are logging on.

Are you in a domain? You could set this up via group policy and a logon script. You could apply the group policy only to the persons you wanted the program to run for.

If it is locally then you can still do this using group policy and denying the admin group read access to the policy....but you'd have to touch each machine.
>>run for everyone, except admin?<<

If you can start the teller program with a bacth or logon script.

@echo off
if /I %username% == Administrator goto done
call teller.exe

hullc65203Author Commented:
I'd forgotten about that. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best.

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