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How to Save Switch Configuration to Disk

I have a Cisco 6509, 2948G, and 2924XL.  I would like to have someone present to me how I can first save the current configuration to disk and then reload the configuration back from that disk file.  

The purpose for this is so I can keep backups of the switch images and also be able to tinker with my spare switches while being able to quickly put them back into commission when needed.  

4 Solutions
First off, you need to have a TFTP server running on a PC reachable from the devices in question.  Once you have the TFTP server running, use the "write network" or "copy start tftp" command and specify the IP address of the TFTP server along with whatever name you want to give the file.  The startup configuration will then be copied to the hard drive of the TFTP server into whichever folder is specified as the TFTP-root.  You can use the "copy tftp start" command to copy the configuration back to the switch.  After copying, reload the switch and it will boot up with the configuration you copied.
On some of the newer IOS versions you can also use the command "copy ftp: startup-config" instead, but if your IOS only supports TFTP you will have to use "copy tftp: startup-config". Now if you have a CAT OS on the 6509, very likly if it's an older 6509, you will have to use the command "write network all" to copy the config to a TFTP server.
a bit detailed guide can be found http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/routers/ps259/products_tech_note09186a00801fc986.shtml.
You can get the TFTP server (Free) from solarwinds...
For recovey its just the vice versa procedure...
Hope this helps...
Just a simple way, type

sho run

then copy all to clipboard, open any word processor and paste to it. Save as file.

The same way back, copy content of file and paste it to the cisco.

!!!NOTE!!! Be carefull with access lists, as it could kick you off while pasting.


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