Connecting GPS/GPRS vehicle module to Base Station

I am currently developing on a GPS location software i created. I want to expand it into a Tracking software. I understand that i will be needing a base station and a remote device. I am thinking  of the Wisco GPRS/GPS/GSM module for the vehicles. The program i wrote can already connect to the GPS device attach to the computer. i want it to connect remotely to the Vehicle module via GPRS or some form of Data transmission.
What equipment is needed for the base station? can a regular GSM modem be used? is it capable of managing about 500 vehicle modules at the same time?
I am not new to programming i am a professional software developer, however i am new to GPRS programming. How do i go about using AT commands to create a successful GPRS connection? does these all-in-one device automatically send GPS data through the embedded GPRS module or u need to write a embedded program? when the GPS data is sent how do i capture the data? (i already know what to do after the data is aquired).

In short, what i need is a guide to successfuly setup and connect my base station to vehicle modules.

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Jason aka Shyguy
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>>can u point me to a good source on programming with TCP stack? will i need a WebService?

Not necessarily....All you need is using Sockets and Ports to connect. Your Base Station will be listening on a Specified port lets say 8888. Now your devices (Vehicle hardware unit) will connect to your IP address and on that port. After the connection will be established you can communicate very easily. So all you need is a Server software that will handle all the connection requests on that port. If you are doing it in VB or VB.NET or VC then it is really easy. I have done it in VB6. My server listens on a port and after a request for connection arrives it assigns a Socket for it and manages all the communication.

 >>Just as the SMS can Manage up to 15 SMS per min, how does the GPRS performs?

This was just a rough estimate of my experience with GSM Modems. The first and foremost thing you need to investigate is that is your GPRS provider allowing traffic across the Network? You can check it by connecting two GPRS modems to the internet and try to ping each other's IP address. Some networks will not allow you to connect to the other machines on the network.

As for resources In which language you want to develop your Server? If it is VB6 then you will need Winsock Control....

and for C++

Well the most widely used technique to connect Vehicle Hardware to the base station is by using Short Messaging Service (SMS). Now it all depends upon what is the frequency at which you require the data and the package that you will get from your GSM provider. For one of our projects we were able to compress 30 km data into one SMS. So one SMS was generated after every 30 KM travelling of the vehicle. On average the vehicles that we provided the solution to travelled 500-600 KM /Day.... So for a day roughly 20 SMS were generated and for a complete month roughly 600 SMS's which was inside the Package that we had from our GSM providers. If this is something close to what you require then you should go for it. You will require a GSM Modem at the base station. Now a GSM Modem can roughly read 10-15 SMS per minute. So it all depends upon you that if you need 1 GSM Modem for 500 vehicles or maybe 2-3. All of them will be connected to the same Computer (On different Serial Ports) and your program must manage the SMS received at each Modem.

As far as the GPRS solution is concerned, you will need a TCP Stack built-in modem to be able to connect it to the GPRS network from a uController circuitry. This might increase your overall project cost and might not be a feasible solution.

shygrantAuthor Commented:
Just as the SMS can Manage up to 15 SMS per min, how does the GPRS performs?

Im goin to use GPRS.
The remote device im going to use is this: it already support GPRS, and its programable by 'C'. will i still need a ucontroler?

I have been reading alot of the GPRS threads, and havent seen what im looking for.
after having both device succesfuly connected to the net how do i get them talking? the Base station will have a static ip address.
can u point me to a good source on programming with TCP stack? will i need a WebService?
shygrantAuthor Commented:
forget to mention the device i am using.
shygrantAuthor Commented:
I am going to use C# i found this sample on programing TCP IP in C#

thanks so far man. ill be back if i encounter any difficulties.
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