Vim 6.3 - Color Scheme

Hi there,

I installed vim 6.3 on Solaris 9. I'm unable to get syntax highlighting and color coding work.

Any suggestions on how I proceed with this ?

Cheers !
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Try this site

Click on the DOwnload section to see configuration file examples (like syntax highlighting)
catchmeifuwantAuthor Commented:
Hey..thanks.I have seen the link ...but that does not solve my problem. I can't get the color scheme and syntax highlighting to work..

when I do the following :
:syntax on
:se filetype=sql

I get a dull yellow syntax for the key words....but I'm lookign for something better...

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catchmeifuwantAuthor Commented:
ok..I tried works when I set the TERM variable to xterm-color

But if I make the setting permanent it affects my normal working environment. Is there a way to change the TERM environment variable for vim only ?
catchmeifuwantAuthor Commented:
managed to do it using a .bash_profile

function vi()
( TERM=xterm-color; vim $* )

catchmeifuwantAuthor Commented:
I'm asking for a refund !Thanks if you intended to help !
catchmeifuwantAuthor Commented:
Thanks PashaMod
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