socket connections behind routers


I created a tcp stream client/server winsock program in C++, they work fine if both machine are directly connected to the modem. However I am in a situation where the client, server or both can be behind routers,  and I am unable to establish client-server connections.

I don't want to change the router settings and I don't want  the communication to go through some intermediate server.

Are there any software solutions to establish socket connection directly when either party can be behind a router ?  (some sample source code would be appreciated :) )

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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
modern router have firewall features
if you want to communicate trough a specific socket port, you must ensure it is unlocked in router configuration.
Or you can try to use a standard port like 80 or 21 but not so recommendable.

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You might want to look into tunneling: [" Tunneling Explained"]

This is a very basic problem-- you can't have a server behind a firewall, as most firewalls block incoming connection attempts.   That's the whole point of a firewall.

You have to have some common meeting point that is NOT behind a firewall.

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