Allow users of my network to see secure pages withouth MY password

Hi there,

not very explicit my title, but couldn't find better. Anyway here's my problem. My computer serves as a router in a network of 3 machines. What I want to do is to allow users of these machines to view the content of a secured website I'm registered to, without giving them my password.
One idea I have is to set up a proxy (squid for instance), and configure it so as to "log" on the website with my password and username that would be stored in a config file on my machine, and send back the result to the requesting machine. But I don't know if that can be done actually, and if there's a simpler way of achieving it, than setting up a proxy, I'll be glad if you told me how... :)

If I wasn't clear enough, another illustration, what I want is a sort of tunnel through which other people access that particular website as if it was me (with my password and username).

Oh, and btw, I trust those people so no problem of them doing "weird" things :). (I trust them, but it's against my "principles" to give them my password )

Thanks for your help
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I'm not sure you can store the security related stuff such as username/password on proxy server.
If yes, then it may raise the security concern.
Since you can store someone else's username and password on proxy server cache, too.
So I would say this is not acceptable based on nsecurity reason.
Username/Password cannot store on proxy server.
aCpAuthor Commented:
I raise the number of points (in case it's a motivation ;) ) because I actually need an answer rather quickly...

Thanks in advance
An alternative,  just let your IE browser remember your username and password and login to that website.
Then send the cookie file to the users you allow to login. Then they can login without knowing your username and password.
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aCpAuthor Commented:
I thought of that actually but is that so simple ? I thought that it would be a little bit mode "secure"...

Still, I would like to know if there is a "general" way of doing this...

Thanks for helping me out ;)

Oh and btw, it's Firefox... ;)
aCpAuthor Commented:
Actually I thought that it was (maybe) possible to say to the proxy, when this domain is accessed, connect using this password and this username and send back the result. I don't even need to cache the pages, all I want is some kind of tunnel, but couldn't find how to do it... Proxy seemed to be a solution, but I've never installed and configured one...
Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
Actually, apache can act as a reverse proxy. you can configure the reverse proxy to listen to an specific address and in the reverse proxy URL, maybe you can use something like

I use it, but never tried with user/password combination
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