remove Exchange Server settings from Outlook 2000

A customer of mine tried to set up Outlook 2000 and upgrade from Outlook Express.  When he set it up he chose Microsoft Exchange server but he only has a POP account. Now it errors out when we open it.  It says the information is not available and asks if I want to use the local files instead.  Whether I choose yes or no I get a runtime error and it shuts down the program.  I suspect  we need to tell it to check for a POP server instead of Exchange Server but I can't get to any tools because it shuts down.  I've removed it from MS Office and reinstalled it as part of the suite btu it hele the settings.  What can I do to make this work?
thedslguyComputer and Network ConsultantAsked:
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A.V.Lead EngineerCommented:
Click on the mail icon in the control panel.  Here you  can remove the Exchange server from the Outlook Profile and add the pop3 account.
A.V.Lead EngineerCommented:
If you need more specific directions..respond with what version of Windows your client is running and I will give you more specific details as to how to make this change.
thedslguyComputer and Network ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks so MUCH nytekgirl !!  It worked like a charm!!  And I did it remotely so I didn't even have to leave the office.

Thanks again

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